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Race Day Runner Guide
Updated on Thursday 24 October 2019

As of two days before the race, the National Weather Service is calling for mostly cloudy skies on Saturday morning, with temps around 50° at the 9 AM start and 54° by 11 AM. Not the best weather for scenery, but ideal for running! There's also a chance of rain showers, but "mainly after 2 PM"; here's hoping that holds true. (NWS forecast page for Browntown)

...will be available from 7:45 to 8:45 AM! Just show up in Browntown with cash or your checkbook in hand. See the registration page for more info. (Feel free to print out an entry form & fill it out in advance so as to save yourself a minute or two on Saturday morning!) (Note: Our running cap & leftover merch supplies for race day registrants may be limited.)

We've got 99 early registrants, and we'll surely see more race day sign-ups. If you've signed up already, check our list of registered runners to confirm your entry!

We can always use more volunteers! If you'd like to help out on Saturday, let co-race director Karsten Brown know by e-mail or at (540) 635-1773. All volunteers are entitled to a free Greasy-Gooney 10K running cap (while supplies last)!

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We've put together this Runner Guide to gather all the important information for you in one place. Hopefully you'll take a few minutes to peruse everything detailed below. (We may add to or update this page as race day gets closer, so hit "Reload" in your web browser if you want to make sure you're seeing the latest version of this page.)

Very Important Point: The starting line is NOT in the same place as everything else!
Parking, registration, bathrooms, and the finish line are all within a stone's throw of each other in Browntown, but the starting line is 0.8 miles west of Browntown on Route 613! This is why registration and check-in ends at 8:45 AM-- because that's when we all need to begin heading over to the start. So make sure you allow yourself enough time to walk or jog to the starting line in time for the 9:00 AM start of the race. RUNNERS & SPECTATORS: PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE TO THE START. The starting line is on a narrow shoulderless road and there is nowhere legal to park. Only a couple race volunteers have permission to drive & park there.

Things to keep in mind this year...
1. Like last year, we are expecting another large turnout (by our standards) of at least a hundred participants. Thus, parking may be a little tighter and the results may take a little longer again. Please be patient with us!

2. This is not a fancy event! For those of you who haven't run it before, Greasy-Gooney has the low-key feel of a small club race. No finish line hoopla or inflatable arches, no DJs, no chip timing, no finisher medals, no big amenities. The race is essentially organized by one person, aided by a handful of valued race day volunteers. Results are computed manually with hand-timing. We do our best, but don't get your expectations too high!

3. Keep the roads clear. We are using roads which are open to traffic. Please try to stay out of the middle of roadways before the race or after you finish! This has been a bit of a problem in past years. Keep an eye out for vehicles at all times and try not to hold up local drivers.

4. Leave headphones, audio speakers, pets, and baby strollers at home. Yes, we're serious, and yes, we won't hesitate to disqualify violators. (There's one runner with a medical exception and he knows who he is.)

Getting to Browntown
Detailed driving directions can be found on the directions page. Please drive carefully, particularly on Route 649 (Browntown Road), which is a hilly & winding two-lane road, prone to morning fog and wild animal crossings.

Parking is limited in Browntown. We will have parking volunteers stationed on Browntown Road to point you to a spot in one of three main areas: The paved Browntown Baptist Church parking lot, a small unpaved lot sandwiched between two houses a couple hundred feet north of the Browntown Baptist Church, and in a grass field near the Browntown Community Center if the ground there is not too wet.

If these main parking areas fill up, we'll have overflow parking in a grassy field adjacent to O.J. Rudacille General Mdse. (provided the field is not too wet).

If you know anyone with whom you can carpool to the race, that might help ease our parking issues a bit!
  (Click here for a more detailed view)
  Map of Browntown, Virginia

(Note: Please do not park in front of the community center, in front of the fire department substation next to the community center, or on the west side of the Gooney Manor Loop, unless otherwise instructed.)

If you know anyone you can carpool with to the race, that might help ease our parking situation a bit. Skyline High School (8 miles north of Browntown, at 151 Skyline Vista Drive, Front Royal) might be a good place for carpoolers to meet up.

We're guests in Browntown!
Browntown is a tiny little community, and we are its guests. Thus, please be respectful of the local residents! Don't walk in the middle of the road, don't block people's driveways, don't use people's shrubbery as a restroom, don't have your car radios blaring, don't start screaming or yelling for no reason, be polite to any local residents trying to pass through town, etc.

Like last year, we will conduct registration inside the Browntown Community Center so that our registration volunteers will be able to stay warm & comfy. Registration will be open from about 7:45 until 8:45.

If you're preregistered, you'll just need to check in at the registration table, pick up your running cap if you reserved one, and get any other leftover merchandise you may have purchased online. If you're not preregistered, we'll have entry forms available for you to fill out, but you can save yourself some time by printing up an entry form at home and filling it out ahead of time. (See the registration page for entry forms.)

This year's (optional) race premium is a green & white "Run Dri" running cap embroidered with the race logo. Preregistrants who opted to receive one (or more) can pick 'em up at the registration table when checking in. For race-day registrants, running caps will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, with extras available for $8 each. (If we run out, any further race-day registrants will obviously pay the lower "no cap" entry fee.)

Old merchandise
A lot of preregistrants have ordered leftover black & gold beanies from 2018 ($5 each), navy blue beanies from 2017 ($5 each), and "20th annual" pint glasses from 2018 ($2 each), so we may only have a few of each left to sell on race day. If you really really want any of these items for yourself, show up early, 'coz it's first-come, first-served! Once we're out, we're out!

Donations to the Humane Society of Warren County
When you sign up for the race, you can also tack on an extra donation earmarked for the Humane Society of Warren County if you'd like! Preregistrants have already contributed over two hundred bucks, which is awesome. (We certainly understand if you feel weird about donating through us, a third party, so if you'd rather donate directly to the Humane Society of Warren County, by all means please do! Just visit their web site and click "Donate".)

Your main bathroom options will be the indoor bathrooms at the Browntown Community Center, supplemented by two portable toilets outside the community center. (The community center's plumbing has trouble keeping up with the demands of heavy pre-race toilet use and it has given out on us entirely in previous years, so we now also rent the portable toilets so that our participants will still have somewhere to "go". It ain't cheap, but trust us, it's worth it!)

Headphones, iPods, music played through speakers, etc.
Again, use of personal listening devices is strictly prohibited at our event. Our course consists of very narrow, winding rural roads and is entirely open to traffic, and we need you to be completely aware of your surroundings. Anyone seen with headphones (in or out) at any point during the race will be disqualified. Yes, again, we are 100% serious, so please don't ask. We have not had a headphone DQ at Greasy-Gooney yet, so please don't be the first! Playing music through speakers is not okay either. Other runners do not want to hear your music.

(Carrying a smartphone is fine; just don't use it for music, and leave your headphones in your car.)

  Runners letting traffic pass through before the start of the 2002 Greasy-Gooney 10K
The 2002 Greasy-Gooney participants did a nice job letting traffic pass by (although Terry Leckie, at right, could've done a little better...!)
At the starting line...
As noted earlier, the starting line is 0.8 miles west of Browntown on Route 613 (Bentonville Road). There is no parking at the start, so you're going to have to walk or jog there. (That includes spectators too.)

The starting line is located just beyond a curve in the road, in the middle of nowhere. (There will be a "START" sign there and a line across the road.) Because Route 613 is a public road and because local drivers may not be expecting to suddenly encounter a gaggle of runners, please, PLEASE stay out of the road before the start! You may wait on the road shoulders before and beyond the starting line until the race is ready to get started. Remain alert and keep an eye out for vehicles.

Traffic on the course
The course is open to traffic! You are responsible for your own safety. The Gooney Manor Loop, onto which you'll be turning just a couple minutes into the race, is a very narrow road until about mile 4, and while it sees very little traffic, you may encounter a car or truck or two. Please do your best to move to the side of the road and give vehicles room to pass by.

The Gooney Manor Loop widens shortly before the 4 mile mark. We recommend that you run on the left side of the road for the remainder of the race. Technically you may "run the tangents" if you so desire, but the impetus is on you to get out of the way if a vehicle comes rumbling by! They have the right of way, since they weigh a lot more than you do.
Running up the narrow Gooney Manor Loop during the 2001 Greasy-Gooney 10K
Running up the narrow Gooney Manor Loop during the 2001 Greasy-Gooney 10K

Water stops
We expect to have one water stop, located in its usual place between mile 3 and the 5K mark, right up at the top of the hill. If you think you will need more water than this, please carry additional water with you.

Standard water stop etiquette applies-- don't throw your used cups off into the woods where our volunteers won't be able to see 'em, and don't hang onto your cup for a mile and then chuck it (since our volunteers probably won't be looking for cups very far down the road). And, of course, say "thank you" if you're not too out of breath!

Our dry summer has led to a less-than-stellar autumn for leaf color, alas. And there's still a lot of green on the trees; it seems like the leaves start turning later and later each year. But there's a little bit of color out there, mostly yellows, and heck, the course is pretty no matter what time of year you run it!

Medical emergencies
Unfortunately due to the small size of our race, on-site medical assistance is not available. Cell phone reception is also poor to nonexistent along the majority of the course. If you experience a medical emergency during the race, response time may be long. As such, participation is not recommended for runners or walkers with known conditions that may pose an increased risk of medical emergencies.

Please keep an eye on your fellow runners during the race, and render assistance if you see somebody in distress. Helping a runner in distress is more important than completing the race!

Walkers are welcome to participate, but be aware that we only have one water stop, so you might want to carry some water and/or snacks with you. The awards ceremony may be over before most of the walkers finish, but we'll keep the clock running!

Tip for those who will be running hard
This is not your everyday 10K course, so if you're one of the speedsters, it pays to put some thought into how you're going to approach the race. This course is probably going to be at least a minute slower than your typical 10K (and probably more), primarily because of the gradual incline over the first 2½ miles and particularly because of the steep bit from mile 2.55 to 3.05. So adjust your estimates accordingly! It's a good idea to hold back a little over the first half and then try to make up ground over the downhill second half. Check out the Course Information page for maps and elevation profiles, or study people's 5K split times from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and/or 2017 to get a sense of how different the two halves of the course are. (We did not record split times in 2018 due to rain.)

  Greasy-Gooney 10K sample finish card
  A sample finish card from 2007. (This is exactly what the finish card given to that year's 56th finisher looked like before he filled it out!)
At the finish line...
As usual, we'll be using the low-budget "finish card" method of tabulating the results. When you cross the finish line, you will be handed a numbered 4" by 6" index card (like the one shown at right). As soon as you catch your breath, please fill out your card over on the tables near the finish line and turn in your card right away! The sooner we get your card, the sooner we can get the results done... so don't hold us up by hanging onto your card for twenty minutes or by not turning it in at all.

Also, please, please, please do not cross the finish line twice! After you've finished (and turned in your finish card), you are welcome to jog back out on the course and meet up with a friend or family member who's still running-- but please veer away well before the finish line so as not to confuse our volunteers and throw off our results.

And although it should go without saying, spectators and unregistered runners should never cross the finish line.

Post-race refreshments
We plan to have water at the finish line, and back at the Browntown Community Center we'll have water, bananas, chips, and a couple other snacks. This is a low-budget race, so we can't afford much more than that!

If all goes well and everyone turns in their finish cards promptly, we will start the awards ceremony back at the Browntown Community Center around 10:30 AM (or as soon as we can get the results tallied). There may be a few runners and walkers still out on the course at 10:30. If you're one of those who won't be finishing before then, please don't worry-- our finish line crew will still be timing you!

If you cannot stick around for the awards ceremony, we will try to mail your trophy to you-- but we'd really rather not, given that it'll cost us quite a bit in postage and packaging (a big additional expense for a low-fee, low-budget, low-profit race such as this one). So do try and stick around if you can! (Please feel free to e-mail the race director if you have to leave early, wind up winning an award, and you live nearby & want the race director to drop your award off for you somewhere.)

Random prizes
An assortment of around thirty to forty extremely cheap random prizes will be handed out at the conclusion of the awards ceremony. We call your name; you pick a prize from the prize table. (Needless to say, you must be present to win.) The prize table will include many bags of Halloween candy, as well as a few beverage items and some assorted knick-knacks. Photos of some of our random prizes can be seen on our Facebook Page.

After the race is over...
We encourage you to stop by O.J. Rudacille's General Store in Browntown and buy a snack and/or souvenir, because store proprietor Tom Lacombe is always a big help to us year in and year out. The store is right across the bridge on Route 613-- you'll see it on your left as you walk to the starting line before the race. Tom's store has snacks, cold drinks, and various Browntown keepsakes.

Looking for other things to do in the area on Saturday? Skyline Drive & Shenandoah National Park will be a popular destination on race weekend; perhaps too popular, as there will surely be a long line of cars waiting to get in at the Front Royal entrance station off of Route 340. The one week single-vehicle fee is $30. Skyline Caverns, also off of 340 near Front Royal, is another popular local tourist site; adult entry there is $22. Front Royal's tourism web site has plenty more ideas for things to do, places to eat, etc.!

Race results & photos
The final race results will be published here on this site within a few days of the race. Assuming we get some good shots, we're also planning to post high(ish)-resolution photos for download, both on the race director's personal site and on Facebook.

Additional special thanks
We are most grateful for the support of the Shenandoah Valley Runners running club, and we encourage you to get involved with the SVR. Their fun, low-key eight-race Winter Series begins in early December and is a great way to find out what the club is about.

We're also grateful to Reverend Doug Frazier and the Browntown Baptist Church for allowing us to use their parking lot for two decades now!

A big thank you to the Comstock family for permitting us to stage up on their little patch of land by the finish line. We are most appreciative! Thank you as well to the Berrys for putting up with our starting line being in front of their house for so many years.

All proceeds from the race will be donated to the Browntown Community Center Association, and we appreciate them letting us make use of the community center on race day.

If you have any late questions...
You can get in touch with race director Karsten Brown by e-mail or by phone at (540) 635-1773.

The Greasy-Gooney 10K Web pages are maintained by Karsten Brown.