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2017 Preregistered Runners
List updated on 20 October 2017

Registration is open, and we have 42 registrants so far! We'll add names to the list below as the entry forms & registrations keep coming in.

You too can get your name on this list; just head to our registration page to get yourself registered! (Or you can wait to sign up on race day for five bucks more. But early registration is always appreciated; it gives us an idea of how many runners to expect on race morning.)

If you spot any mistakes in the list of preregistrants below, please send corrections to race director Karsten Brown.

name age sex city, state prem-
best finish
Doug Berry74MNorfolk, VA0754:22, 2011
Jesse Bixler23MBerryville, VA0241:39, 2016
John Bixler54MBerryville, VA0349:56, 2016
Steph Bonner37FStephens City, VA0357:26, 2013
Jamey Brumsey32MFront Royal, VA1145:58, 2016
Mike Cannon59MFairfax Station, VA00 
Sonja Eackles49FFront Royal, VA111:11:43, 2012
Casey Ehlers15MRileyville, VA10 
Sara Feldenkris32FWashington, DC00 
Elizabeth Finan45FAldie, VA10 
Mark Flannery36MFront Royal, VA1353:37, 2016
Kevin Fletcher53MWarrenton, VA10 
Carolyn Forte32FArlington, VA00 
Michael Hart53MFront Royal, VA1255:30, 2016
Kathy Hennes65FAnnapolis, MD1159:53, 2016
Timothy Herod23MWashington, DC0156:30, 2016
Kwinam Hunley55FManassas, VA121:14:08, 2016
Ray Hunley50MManassas, VA1251:06, 2016
B.J. Johnston61MChantilly, VA10 
Stewart Lockhart48MWinchester, VA10 
Caleb Ludke11MFront Royal, VA30 
Lokesh Meena30MRockville, MD10 
James Moreland65MGaithersburg, MD0641:33, 2002
Dennis Myers63MStephens City, VA01743:23, 1999
Jeanette Novak73FDamascus, MD011:19:13, 2016
Renee O'Connell63FBrowntown, VA011:13:45, 2007
Scott Patnode54MWinchester, VA0247:06, 2016
Mandy Poffenberger39FSouth Riding, VA10 
Elena Price22FWashington, DC0156:41, 2016
Wendy Prince39FShenandoah, VA00 
Matt Reagan39MFront Royal, VA2543:05, 2016
Jacquelyn Salzano24FSouth Riding, VA00 
Michael Shotton44MBentonville, VA0151:08, 2016
Colleen Snyder61FLinden, VA0151:08:45, 2014
Raymond Stamps78MWoodville, VA051:04:55, 2012
Kate Sylvester41FArlington, VA0354:37, 2016
Ben Tidwell11MKing George, VA10 
Kristin Tidwell45FKing George, VA1157:55, 2016
Justin Turner43MBristow, VA1153:30, 2012
Michelle Van Horn36FHarpers Ferry, WV0941:41, 2013
Duane Williamson54MWarrenton, VA11041:04, 2014
Mario Zuniga53MFront Royal, VA1638:16, 2014

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