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2019 Preregistered Runners
List updated on 25 October 2019 at 7 PM

Please take a couple minutes to peruse our Race Day Runner Guide so that you'll know what to expect on Saturday morning!
Online registration is now closed, and our final preregistrant tally is 99! Anyone who didn't preregister can still sign up on race morning; visit our registration page for fees, forms, and other info. (Those of you whose names appear below will just need to check in at our registration table before the race, pick up your G-G running cap if you opted to receive one, and grab any merchandise you may have purchased!)

If you spot any mistakes in the list of preregistrants below, please send corrections to race director Karsten Brown.

(We have also received $242.00 in additional donations for the Humane Society of Warren County so far. Many thanks to those of you who have contributed to help the local kitties and doggos!)

name age sex city, state prem-
best finish
Katelynn Adolphson27FStrasburg, VA0259:10, 2016
Lidia Baca56FManassas, VA111:03:07, 2012
Jerry Barb45MWinchester, VA10 
R.J. Bascom II17MFront Royal, VA0147:06, 2014
Krista Beahm31FBentonville, VA00 
Judy Berry45FFront Royal, VA00 
Jesse Bixler25MBerryville, VA0341:39, 2016
John Bixler56MBerryville, VA0549:56, 2016
Marian Bloemker57FFront Royal, VA00 
Jamey Brumsey34MSterling, VA1245:06, 2017
Wendy Calvert58FBentonville, VA10 
Martha Cammack52FLeesburg, VA1245:30, 2017
Jamie Charles36FBentonville, VA10 
Eric Cook52MBentonville, VA00 
Jessica Cook29FFront Royal, VA00 
Jim Daniels46MFront Royal, VA0244:21, 2013
Joseph David56MWarrenton, VA1250:48, 2018
Kate DeBord-Peter38FFront Royal, VA10 
Jonathan Dixon36MStephens City, VA0139:43, 2018
Laura Dixon36FStephens City, VA0149:24, 2018
Brian Dougherty56MStephens City, VA1350:07, 2016
Judith Eastwood53FBentonville, VA111:06:35, 2016
Tyler Figenbaum22MFairfax, VA0145:25, 2018
Elizabeth Finan47FAldie, VA1254:04, 2018
Francois Flippen42MFront Royal, VA121:01:13, 2017
Alison Gittelman47FChantilly, VA1744:54, 2010
Patrick Gladden39MStephens City, VA1636:59, 2001
Josie Gray13FBerryville, VA1145:12, 2017
Michelle Harper56FMount Jackson, VA10 
Michael Hart55MFront Royal, VA1455:30, 2016
Carolina Hatch17FFront Royal, VA10 
Lisa Heavner41FWinchester, VA0659:16, 2017
Kathy Hennes67FAnnapolis, MD1359:41, 2017
Jeremy Hotelling49MGrand Prairie, TX10 
Ginny Hughes69FWarrenton, VA1452:42, 2014
Janet Hughes82FWinchester, VA171:07:23, 2013
Kwinam Hunley57FManassas, VA141:14:08, 2016
Ray Hunley52MManassas, VA1450:09, 2017
Donna Jackson49FChantilly, VA10 
Ariel Jacob14FFront Royal, VA0154:37, 2018
Suzanna Jenkins Barb40FWinchester, VA10 
Beth Jervis33FBentonville, VA10 
Laura Kelecy56FColorado Spgs., CO10 
Tom Kelecy63MColorado Spgs., CO10 
Jillian Kiendl38FWinchester, VA10 
Alan Kincaid59MAldie, VA111:07:46, 2018
Mi Kincaid62FAldie, VA1150:16, 2018
Miles Knapek14MBentonville, VA10 
Nicholas Knapek37MBentonville, VA111:15:43, 2018
Doug Krehbel52MWashington, DC011:08:15, 2018
Dave LaMay51MLeesburg, VA1353:23, 2016
Ami Lanterman49FBentonville, VA0157:38, 2016
Shawn Lawson48MKearneysville, WV10 
Mike Legge40MStephens City, VA11146:54, 2013
Stephanie Little30FMiddletown, VA021:06:43, 2015
Daniel S. Locarnini14MCharles Town, WV2449:16, 2018
Ricardo A. Locarnini57MCharles Town, WV2552:41, 2011
Brenda Mackintosh54FSpringfield, VA10 
Scott Mackintosh56MSpringfield, VA00 
Ed Mayhew74MWinchester, VA11148:37, 2006
Mike Meadows62MMartinsburg, WV0639:09, 2007
Doug Morris81MDelaplane, VA0849:38, 2004
Kaitlin Mulder26FBentonville, VA1152:49, 2018
Jay Nam60MCalifornia, MD10 
Renee O'Connell65FBentonville, VA031:13:45, 2007
Dianetha Oyler37FLinden, VA031:06:46, 2014
David Pinnick62MManassas, VA1142:17, 2012
Mark Reif42MWinchester, VA00 
James Rice40MWinchester, VA0444:25, 2018
Mary Rice43FWinchester, VA1344:57, 2004
Amanda Richardson39FArlington, VA10 
Bob Ring71MHarrisonburg, VA11046:21, 2006
James Rohr58MNew Baltimore, VA1551:16, 2001
Courtney Rowe27FHume, VA10 
Connor Sanders13MStephens City, VA1142:45, 2018
Jeremy Sanders43MStephens City, VA1438:20, 2014
Amanda Saunders31FFront Royal, VA00 
Teddy Saunders38MFront Royal, VA00 
Aileen Seelbach31FStephens City, VA141:08:21, 2014
Michael Shotton46MBentonville, VA1349:01, 2017
Dalton Siers13MBentonville, VA10 
Colleen Snyder63FLinden, VA1171:08:45, 2014
Gail Spangler60FBentonville, VA10 
Latisha Spaulding37FManassas, VA10 
Matthew Spaulding41MManassas, VA0142:59, 2018
David Strong57MWoodstock, VA00 
Kate Sylvester43FWashington, DC1554:28, 2017
Larry Tumblin50MFort Valley, VA2356:21, 2016
Justin Turner45MBristow, VA1253:30, 2012
Michelle VanHorn38FHarpers Ferry, WV01041:41, 2013
Christine Ware32FWinchester, VA10 
John Way54MRockville, MD0642:22, 2013
Erin Whited39FFront Royal, VA0253:04, 2014
Duane Williamson56MWarrenton, VA11141:04, 2014
Steve Wines58MMarshall, VA1355:20, 2018
Mark Wisch61MFront Royal, VA1243:54, 2002
Sherry Wisch58FFront Royal, VA111:11:36, 2015
Michael Zawadzki63MBoyce, VA10 
Mario Zuniga55MFront Royal, VA1838:16, 2014
name age sex city, state prem-
best finish

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