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24th Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 22 October 2022
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2022 Overall Results
Names of SVR members at the time of the race are in bold print. If you spot any mistakes in the results, contact results guy Karsten Brown. Also available from the 2022 race are a list of award winners & age groups and a list of everybody's 5K split times! And tons of photos can be found on the RD's SmugMug site (high-res) and on Facebook (lower-res).

# name age sex city, state time pace in sex award
1.Charlie Ban40MWashington, DC37:176:001st1st M Overall
2.Johnny Lyons39MParkville, MD38:586:162nd2nd M Overall
3.Chuck Love37MMadison, VA40:016:263rd3rd M Overall
4.Adam Borbidge43MSouth Riding, VA41:446:434th1st M 40-44
5.Victor Cretella52MNew Market, MD41:536:445th1st M 50-54
6.Chris Campbell58MLouisa, VA42:086:476th1st M 55-59
7.Shawn Rosenthal25MWinchester, VA42:156:487th1st M 25-29
8.Benjamin Tidwell16MKing George, VA43:016:558th1st M 19 & U.
9.Michael Dunn47MJeffersonton, VA43:367:019th1st M 45-49
10.James Rice43MWinchester, VA44:357:1010th2nd M 40-44
11.Dennis Velez55MBristow, VA45:127:1611th2nd M 55-59
12.Duane Williamson59MWarrenton, VA46:317:2912th3rd M 55-59
13.Bryan Steverson44MAldie, VA47:377:4013th3rd M 40-44
14.Laura Dixon39FStephens City, VA47:537:421st1st F Overall
15.Jonathan Moore43MFlint Hill, VA48:067:4414th4th M 40-44
16.Mary Rice46FWinchester, VA48:227:472nd2nd F Overall
17.Ray Hunley55MManassas, VA48:387:5015th4th M 55-59
18.Betsy Lyons42FParkville, MD49:357:593rd3rd F Overall
19.Alison Gittelman49FChantilly, VA50:078:044th1st F 45-49
20.Mario Zuniga58MFront Royal, VA50:278:0716th5th M 55-59
21.Jim Daniels49MFront Royal, VA50:388:0917th2nd M 45-49
22.Larry Huffman61MArlington, VA50:448:1018th1st M 60-64
23.John Volinsky61MWinchester, VA51:188:1519th2nd M 60-64
24.Nikolai Matveev41MFlint Hill, VA51:248:1620th5th M 40-44
25.Matt Anderson56MFairfax, VA51:318:1721st6th M 55-59
26.Elizabeth Logan47FStephenson, VA51:338:185th2nd F 45-49
27.Dan McKenna46MCharlottesville, VA52:198:2522nd3rd M 45-49
28.Brian Dougherty59MStephens City, VA53:428:3923rd7th M 55-59
29.Jim Edson64MLinden, VA53:568:4124th3rd M 60-64
30.Joseph David59MWarrenton, VA54:228:4525th8th M 55-59
31.Mike Legge43MStephens City, VA54:598:5126th6th M 40-44
32.Bill Stahr61MThe Plains, VA55:438:5827th4th M 60-64
33.Isabella Vendetti25FWinchester, VA56:409:076th1st F 25-29
34.Marygay Cross59FWarrenton, VA58:339:257th1st F 55-59
35.Sophia Logan15FStephenson, VA58:459:278th1st F 19 & U.
36.Larry Tumblin53MFort Valley, VA59:099:3128th2nd M 50-54
37.Jamey Brumsey37MSterling, VA59:109:3129th1st M 35-39
38.Monika Whitmann57FCastleton, VA59:269:349th2nd F 55-59
39.Karen Young54FBoyds, MD59:359:3510th1st F 50-54
40.Pete Eisele57MWarrenton, VA59:439:3730th9th M 55-59
41.Tom DeKornfeld69MAnnapolis, MD1:00:379:4531st1st M 65-69
42.Rebecca Logan16FStephenson, VA1:01:199:5211th2nd F 19 & U.
43.Kristin Tidwell50FKing George, VA1:01:319:5412th2nd F 50-54
44.Bob Ring74MHarrisonburg, VA1:01:359:5532nd1st M 70+
45.Justin Turner48MBristow, VA1:01:569:5833rd4th M 45-49
46.Mark Wiseman60MBluemont, VA1:02:1210:0134th5th M 60-64
47.Lea Lines44FBristow, VA1:02:3910:0513th1st F 40-44
48.Kelly Cockrill58FPurcellville, VA1:02:4610:0614th3rd F 55-59
49.Denny Myers68MStephens City, VA1:03:1210:1035th2nd M 65-69
50.Nadia Flippen15FFront Royal, VA1:03:3810:1415th3rd F 19 & U.
51.Valerie Storer65FWinchester, VA1:04:5710:2716th1st F 65-69
52.Stephanie Powers-Loughry46FMiddletown, VA1:05:2910:3217th3rd F 45-49
53.Steve Wines61MMarshall, VA1:06:5510:4636th6th M 60-64
54.Maria Lee Richburg52FAlexandria, VA1:07:3610:5318th3rd F 50-54
55.Scott Richburg53MAlexandria, VA1:07:3610:5337th3rd M 50-54
56.Teresa Martilik39FWoodstock, VA1:07:5310:5519th1st F 35-39
57.Hunter Hollar73MCrozet, VA1:07:5910:5638th2nd M 70+
58.Debbie Wiseman58FBluemont, VA1:08:2811:0120th4th F 55-59
59.Rob Freeman50MGaithersburg, MD1:10:5911:2539th4th M 50-54
60.Henry Knapek13MBentonville, VA1:11:3311:3140th2nd M 19 & U.
61.Dalton Siers16MBentonville, VA1:11:4311:3341st3rd M 19 & U.
62.Robert Blakey61MStanardsville, VA1:11:5511:3442nd7th M 60-64
63.Tammy Blakey57FStanardsville, VA1:11:5511:3421st5th F 55-59
64.Erin Riker42FFront Royal, VA1:13:4311:5222nd2nd F 40-44
65.Nick Knapek40MBentonville, VA1:16:2312:1843rd7th M 40-44
66.Margie Sims49FFront Royal, VA1:16:4612:2123rd4th F 45-49
67.Lyman Jordan75MPotomac, MD1:16:5612:2344th3rd M 70+
68.Kwinam Hunley60FManassas, VA1:22:5913:2124th1st F 60-64
69.Anna Tidwell12FKing George, VA1:24:2413:3525th4th F 19 & U.
70.Rob Tidwell52MKing George, VA1:24:3713:3745th5th M 50-54
71.Janet Hughes85FWinchester, VA1:27:0214:0026th1st F 70+
72.Ed Mayhew77MWinchester, VA1:27:0314:0146th4th M 70+
73.Judy Moran72FPotomac, MD1:29:0014:1927th2nd F 70+
74.Wendy Calvert61FBentonville, VA1:57:5218:5828th2nd F 60-64
75.Christine Ware35FWinchester, VA1:57:5918:5929th2nd F 35-39

24th Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 22 October 2022
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