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Nineteenth Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 28 October 2017
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2017 Overall Results
Names of SVR members at the time of the race are in bold print. If you spot any mistakes in the results, contact results guy Karsten Brown. Also available from the 2017 race are a list of award winners & age groups and a list of everybody's 5K split times! We also have some of our race photos uploaded to our Facebook Page, with more to come.

# name age sex city, state time pace in sex award
1.Chuck Love32MMadison, VA36:535:561st1st M Overall
2.Charles Bowles35MBoyce, VA38:236:112nd2nd M Overall
3.Mario Zuniga53MFront Royal, VA39:146:193rd3rd M Overall
4.Lokesh Meena30MRockville, MD39:556:254th1st M 30-34
5.Brad Hinton41MBerryville, VA40:406:335th1st M 40-44
6.Bill Blackstone50MWinchester, VA42:446:536th1st M 50-54
7.Michael Dunn42MJeffersonton, VA42:586:557th2nd M 40-44
8.Jacob Taylor16MFront Royal, VA43:557:048th1st M 19 & U.
9.Perry Rapp52MLexington Park, MD43:587:059th2nd M 50-54
10.Mike Meadows60MMartinsburg, WV44:017:0510th1st M 60-64
11.Eric Harris44MSilver Spring, MD44:307:1011th3rd M 40-44
12.Matt Anderson51MFairfax, VA44:377:1112th3rd M 50-54
13.Matt Reagan39MFront Royal, VA44:457:1213th1st M 35-39
14.Sam Ellis38MDamascus, MD44:557:1414th2nd M 35-39
15.Rachel Savering32FRixeyville, VA44:597:141st1st F Overall
16.Caleb Ludke11MFront Royal, VA45:057:1515th2nd M 19 & U.
17.Jamey Brumsey32MFront Royal, VA45:067:1516th2nd M 30-34
18.Josie Gray11FBerryville, VA45:127:162nd2nd F Overall
19.Martha Cammack50FLeesburg, VA45:307:193rd3rd F Overall
20.James Rice38MWinchester, VA45:347:2017th3rd M 35-39
21.Michael Hofbauer54MFront Royal, VA46:217:2818th4th M 50-54
22.Michelle VanHorn36FHarpers Ferry, WV46:357:304th1st F 35-39
23.Scott Patnode54MWinchester, VA46:427:3119th5th M 50-54
24.Bruce Kesselring63MSpringfield, VA46:597:3420th2nd M 60-64
25.Alison Gittelman45FSouth Riding, VA47:487:425th1st F 45-49
26.Mike Legge38MStephens City, VA47:547:4321st4th M 35-39
27.Timothy Herod23MWashington, DC48:107:4522nd1st M 20-24
28.Michael Shotton44MBentonville, VA49:017:5323rd4th M 40-44
29.John Way52MMontgomery V., MD49:307:5824th6th M 50-54
30.Ben Tidwell11MKing George, VA49:337:5825th3rd M 19 & U.
31.Mike Cannon59MFairfax Station, VA49:458:0026th1st M 55-59
32.Ray Hunley50MManassas, VA50:098:0427th7th M 50-54
33.Daniel Locarnini12MCharles Town, WV50:218:0628th4th M 19 & U.
34.Nick Aukland39MLynchburg, VA50:368:0929th5th M 35-39
35.Stewart Lockhart48MWinchester, VA50:438:1030th1st M 45-49
36.John Bixler54MBerryville, VA50:548:1131st8th M 50-54
37.Jacob Cahill17MFront Royal, VA51:098:1432nd5th M 19 & U.
38.Brian Dougherty54MStephens City, VA51:118:1433rd9th M 50-54
39.Elena Price22FWashington, DC51:278:176th1st F 20-24
40.Asa Hinton15MBerryville, VA51:338:1834th6th M 19 & U.
41.Grace Zadnik14FEdinburg, VA51:458:207th1st F 19 & U.
42.Maria Sudlow14FStrasburg, VA52:318:278th2nd F 19 & U.
43.Dennis Velez50MBristow, VA52:318:2735th10th M 50-54
44.James Moreland65MGaithersburg, MD52:358:2836th1st M 65-69
45.Joseph David54MWarrenton, VA52:468:3037th11th M 50-54
46.Ricardo A. Locarnini55MCharles Town, WV52:528:3038th2nd M 55-59
47.Will Cahill42MFront Royal, VA53:058:3339th5th M 40-44
48.Dave LaMay49MLeesburg, VA54:188:4440th2nd M 45-49
49.Kate Sylvester41FArlington, VA54:288:469th1st F 40-44
50.Elizabeth Finan45FAldie, VA54:348:4710th2nd F 45-49
51.Ginny Hughes67FWarrenton, VA54:388:4811th1st F 65-69
52.Kevin Fletcher53MWarrenton, VA54:578:5141st12th M 50-54
53.James Rohr56MNew Baltimore, VA55:248:5542nd3rd M 55-59
54.Nikolai Matveev36MFlint Hill, VA55:338:5643rd6th M 35-39
55.Jeff Hamilton37MHerndon, VA55:388:5744th7th M 35-39
56.Casey Ehlers15MRileyville, VA55:458:5845th7th M 19 & U.
57.Benjamin Hall15MFront Royal, VA55:458:5846th8th M 19 & U.
58.Denny Myers63MStephens City, VA56:239:0447th3rd M 60-64
59.Heather Ambrose40FMiddletown, VA56:299:0512th2nd F 40-44
60.Ed Mayhew72MWinchester, VA56:309:0648th1st M 70+
61.Robert Hall50MFront Royal, VA56:389:0749th13th M 50-54
62.Steve Wines56MMarshall, VA56:509:0950th4th M 55-59
63.Vern Heavner38MWinchester, VA56:569:1051st8th M 35-39
64.Lisa McKnight60FFairfax Station, VA57:059:1113th1st F 60-64
65.Theresa Sullivan38FSeverna Park, MD57:099:1214th2nd F 35-39
66.Tom Purcell63MLake Frederick, VA57:169:1352nd4th M 60-64
67.Priscila Ellis38FDamascus, MD57:299:1515th3rd F 35-39
68.Andy Peterson61MFort Valley, VA57:309:1553rd5th M 60-64
69.Larry Tumblin48MFort Valley, VA57:309:1554th3rd M 45-49
70.Kristin Tidwell45FKing George, VA57:479:1816th3rd F 45-49
71.Beth Danberg41FChantilly, VA58:019:2017th3rd F 40-44
72.Steph Bonner37FStephens City, VA58:129:2218th4th F 35-39
73.Hunter Hollar68MCrozet, VA58:399:2655th2nd M 65-69
74.Roberto Mancera26MAlexandria, VA58:469:2756th1st M 25-29
75.Julie Robinson46FMarshall, VA59:079:3119th4th F 45-49
76.Christian Nuckols16MLuray, VA59:129:3257th9th M 19 & U.
77.Lisa Heavner39FWinchester, VA59:169:3220th5th F 35-39
78.Rebecca Hall43FFront Royal, VA59:369:3621st4th F 40-44
79.Kathy Hennes65FAnnapolis, MD59:419:3622nd2nd F 65-69
80.Kit Yan55MSilver Spring, MD1:00:199:4258th5th M 55-59
81.Mandy Poffenberger39FSouth Riding, VA1:00:419:4623rd6th F 35-39
82.Francois Flippen41MFront Royal, VA1:01:139:5159th6th M 40-44
83.Max Luckey14MLinden, VA1:01:539:5860th10th M 19 & U.
84.Michael A. Hart53MFront Royal, VA1:01:549:5861st14th M 50-54
85.Miriam Sudlow12FStrasburg, VA1:02:2410:0324th3rd F 19 & U.
86.Valerie Storer60FWinchester, VA1:03:0210:0925th2nd F 60-64
87.Karen Souther48FBristow, VA1:04:2510:2226th5th F 45-49
88.Cora Snyder17FFront Royal, VA1:06:0310:3827th4th F 19 & U.
89.Corinne Horn38FManassas, VA1:06:1810:4028th7th F 35-39
90.Doug Berry74MNorfolk, VA1:06:5010:4562nd2nd M 70+
91.Robert Blakey56MStanardsville, VA1:07:4910:5563rd6th M 55-59
92.Ruth Tonkyro40FLeonardtown, MD1:08:0010:5729th5th F 40-44
93.Crystal Rapp49FLexington Park, MD1:08:0010:5730th6th F 45-49
94.Kristina Smith38FCalifornia, MD1:08:0510:5731st8th F 35-39
95.Tammy Blakey52FStanardsville, VA1:08:2011:0032nd1st F 50-54
96.Allison Bell29FWilliamsburg, VA1:09:4011:1333rd1st F 25-29
97.Alison Hyman30FWinchester, VA1:09:4111:1334th1st F 30-34
98.Mark Flannery36MFront Royal, VA1:11:2311:2964th9th M 35-39
99.Jonah Ludke12MFront Royal, VA1:12:1911:3865th11th M 19 & U.
100.Rhonda Fisher32FBentonville, VA1:12:3211:4035th2nd F 30-34
101.Brandon Jones36FFront Royal, VA1:12:5711:4436th9th F 35-39
102.Ann Pohlers47FVienna, VA1:13:0711:4637th7th F 45-49
103.Angela Snyder56FFront Royal, VA1:13:2611:4938th1st F 55-59
104.Dominique Doust47FNewport News, VA1:13:2811:4939th8th F 45-49
105.Carolyn Forte32FArlington, VA1:14:0811:5640th3rd F 30-34
106.Sara Feldenkris32FWashington, DC1:14:0911:5641st4th F 30-34
107.Amanda Luckey36FLinden, VA1:14:1611:5742nd10th F 35-39
108.Phil Laub66MFront Royal, VA1:14:2811:5966th3rd M 65-69
109.Judy Moran67FPotomac, MD1:14:3912:0143rd3rd F 65-69
110.Lyman Jordan70MPotomac, MD1:16:1312:1667th3rd M 70+
111.Jackie Salzano24FSouth Riding, VA1:16:1712:1744th2nd F 20-24
112.Meghan Jackson33FFront Royal, VA1:16:2812:1845th5th F 30-34
113.Karl L. Jenkins44MShenandoah, VA1:16:5012:2268th7th M 40-44
114.Cynthia Lowe38FShenandoah, VA1:16:5012:2246th11th F 35-39
115.Tom Green67MColumbia, MD1:17:0512:2469th4th M 65-69
116.Mike Lowe49MShenandoah, VA1:17:1112:2570th4th M 45-49
117.Gary Howard67MWendell, NC1:18:1712:3671st5th M 65-69
118.Aileen Seelbach29FStephens City, VA1:18:1912:3647th2nd F 25-29
119.Colleen Snyder61FLinden, VA1:18:5812:4348th3rd F 60-64
120.Kwinam Hunley55FManassas, VA1:19:1912:4649th2nd F 55-59
121.Raymond Stamps78MWoodville, VA1:19:2612:4772nd4th M 70+
122.Sonja Eackles49FFront Royal, VA1:19:4212:5050th9th F 45-49
123.Janet Hughes80FWinchester, VA1:20:0412:5351st1st F 70+
124.Connie Mathews43FCatharpin, VA1:20:1612:5552nd6th F 40-44
125.Kelly Ludke41FFront Royal, VA1:25:3513:4653rd7th F 40-44
126.Bridget Reagan67FFront Royal, VA1:26:4313:5754th4th F 65-69
127.Jeanette Novak73FDamascus, MD1:26:4913:5855th2nd F 70+
128.Renee O'Connell63FBrowntown, VA1:30:1914:3256th4th F 60-64
129.John Winkert*61MSouth Riding, VA1:37:1215:3973rd6th M 60-64

* John started late and had a self-reported net time of 1:33:07.

Nineteenth Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 28 October 2017
Overall Results    Age Groups    Splits    Photos: F'book (more soon)

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