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Ninth Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 27 October 2007
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2007 Overall Results
Names of SVR members at the time of the race are in bold print. If you spot any mistakes in the results, contact results guy Karsten Brown. Also available from the '07 race are a list of award winners & age groups and a race report.

# name age sex city, state time pace in sex award
1.Andrew Turner16MLinden, VA36:505:561st1st M Overall
2.Mark Whalley MFairfax, VA36:575:572nd2nd M Overall
3.Karsten Brown33MFront Royal, VA37:065:583rd3rd M Overall
4.Charles Bowles25MBoyce, VA37:456:054th1st M 25-29
5.Seumas O'Reilly14MFront Royal, VA38:576:165th1st M 19 & U.
6.Mike Meadows50MMartinsburg, WV39:096:186th1st M 50-54
7.Raymond Bollock42MWinchester, VA40:466:347th1st M 40-44
8.Denis Brosnan25MArlington, VA41:076:378th2nd M 25-29
9.Khiry Timbers16MMartinsburg, WV41:596:459th2nd M 19 & U.
10.Rebecca Nathan42FArlington, VA42:036:461st1st F Overall
11.Audrey Ting30FArlington, VA42:046:462nd2nd F Overall
12.Alexander Stewart27MFlint Hill, VA42:216:4910th3rd M 25-29
13.Stephan Dobson46MThurmont, MD42:356:5111th1st M 45-49
14.John Way42MMontgomery V., MD42:596:5512th2nd M 40-44
15.Patrick Barrett14MRileyville, VA43:036:5613th3rd M 19 & U.
16.Bill Stahr47MThe Plains, VA43:256:5914th2nd M 45-49
17.Duane Williamson44MWarrenton, VA43:417:0215th3rd M 40-44
18.Joshua Vaughn22MLuray, VA43:437:0216th1st M 20-24
19.Steven Higgs17MLuray, VA44:287:0917th4th M 19 & U.
20.Guy Tomberlin43MBluemont, VA44:477:1218th4th M 40-44
21.Kenneth Morris39MMiddletown, VA44:587:1419th1st M 35-39
22.Mark Dempsey54MCharlottesville, VA45:307:1920th2nd M 50-54
23.Wayne Simon44MAugusta, WV45:427:2121st5th M 40-44
24.Brittany Pollard12FFalling Waters, WV45:447:223rd3rd F Overall
25.John Shelburne46MWinchester, VA45:487:2222nd3rd M 45-49
26.Steve Thomas43MWinchester, VA46:007:2423rd6th M 40-44
27.Clifford Tell43MHarpers Ferry, WV46:297:2924th7th M 40-44
28.Rob Marino38MWarrenton, VA46:577:3325th2nd M 35-39
29.Michael Dunn32MJeffersonton, VA47:187:3726th1st M 30-34
30.Denny Myers53MStephens City, VA47:447:4127th3rd M 50-54
31.Tina Genay36FWinchester, VA47:467:414th1st F 35-39
32.Nancy Andrews40FStone Ridge, VA47:557:435th1st F 40-44
33.Richard Lewis44MWinchester, VA48:497:5128th8th M 40-44
34.Anna Levy29FColumbia, MD49:147:556th1st F 25-29
35.Ed Mayhew62MWinchester, VA49:307:5829th1st M 60-69
36.Matt Bunting30MHedgesville, WV49:498:0130th2nd M 30-34
37.Jon Duvall43MWhite Post, VA50:098:0431st9th M 40-44
38.Bill Tracy54MBurke, VA50:448:1032nd4th M 50-54
39.Katie Steadman28FWinchester, VA50:488:117th2nd F 25-29
40.Larry Key60MFrederick, MD51:508:2133rd2nd M 60-69
41.Tom Davison50MWinchester, VA52:088:2334th5th M 50-54
42.Jim Perlmutter62MArlington, VA52:108:2435th3rd M 60-69
43.Kim Craig41FWinchester, VA52:278:268th2nd F 40-44
44.Lisa Kilmer36FWinchester, VA52:288:279th2nd F 35-39
45.Anita Raiford39FAmissville, VA52:488:3010th3rd F 35-39
46.Mark Raiford43MAmissville, VA52:488:3036th10th M 40-44
47.Michael Legge28MStephens City, VA52:528:3037th4th M 25-29
48.Blake Douglas16MMartinsburg, WV53:068:3338th5th M 19 & U.
49.Dave Mayo49MFrederick, MD53:168:3439th4th M 45-49
50.Natalie Kennedy39FHarrisonburg, VA53:218:3511th4th F 35-39
51.José Velázquez48MHanover, PA53:268:3640th5th M 45-49
52.Mary Greer49FWashington, DC53:538:4012th1st F 45-49
53.Heather Ambrose30FMiddletown, VA53:568:4113th1st F 30-34
54.Rebekah Gletner15FShepherdstown, WV54:158:4414th1st F 19 & U.
55.Victoria Corder25FLexington, VA54:218:4515th3rd F 25-29
56.Arnie Tanner58MPurcellville, VA55:008:5141st1st M 55-59
57.Dan Broznak23MStephens City, VA55:218:5442nd2nd M 20-24
58.Adam Jones26MBurlington, NC55:368:5743rd5th M 25-29
59.David Morganwalp49MHerndon, VA55:478:5944th6th M 45-49
60.Jason Engel30MEllicott City, MD55:579:0045th3rd M 30-34
61.Ian Clarke40MFairfield, PA56:309:0646th11th M 40-44
62.Debby Burd54FBiglerville, PA56:459:0816th1st F 50-54
63.Heather Siebenaler29FWarrenton, VA56:549:0917th4th F 25-29
64.Edward Dofflemyer55MLuray, VA57:089:1247th2nd M 55-59
65.Chris Loebs34MBristow, VA57:559:1948th4th M 30-34
66.Don Sybertz43MBristow, VA57:569:1949th12th M 40-44
67.Mary Mayhew62FWinchester, VA58:459:2718th1st F 60-69
68.Daniel Pesta37MFront Royal, VA58:499:2850th3rd M 35-39
69.Kelsey Shroades21FHagerstown, MD59:489:3719th1st F 20-24
70.Andrea Harvey33FJeffersonton, VA1:00:419:4620th2nd F 30-34
71.Krishele Carter42FStrasburg, VA1:02:0610:0021st3rd F 40-44
72.Bernadette Hanlon38FBaltimore, MD1:02:5210:0722nd5th F 35-39
73.Judy Pollard38FFalling Waters, WV1:03:5210:1723rd6th F 35-39
74.Anne Case53FManassas, VA1:04:3910:2424th2nd F 50-54
75.Kevin Barrett44MRileyville, VA1:05:2810:3251st13th M 40-44
76.Tom Ahern45MAlexandria, VA1:05:3010:3252nd7th M 45-49
77.Gary Tomberlin49MSuffolk, VA1:05:3510:3353rd8th M 45-49
78.Robert Gurtler72MThe Plains, VA1:05:5210:3654th1st M 70+
79.Michael Triantafillou48MWinchester, VA1:05:5710:3755th9th M 45-49
80.B.J. Connelly44FFront Royal, VA1:06:5610:4625th4th F 40-44
81.John Winkert51MSouth Riding, VA1:07:2110:5056th6th M 50-54
82.Ronald Occhiogrosso45MFront Royal, VA1:09:1711:0957th10th M 45-49
83.Jack Clough18MGoochland, VA1:10:5411:2558th6th M 19 & U.
84.Jim Clough26MSpringfield, VA1:10:5511:2559th6th M 25-29
85.Jeff Smith55MChevy Chase, MD1:10:5711:2560th3rd M 55-59
86.Mindy Allman35FBrowntown, VA1:11:1611:2826th7th F 35-39
87.Paul Grosz57MStephens City, VA1:12:1011:3761st4th M 55-59
88.Renee O'Connell53FBrowntown, VA1:13:4511:5227th3rd F 50-54
89.Janice Dobson41FThurmont, MD1:14:1111:5628th5th F 40-44
90.Andrea Japzon37FBaltimore, MD1:14:2011:5829th8th F 35-39
91.Kerry McCarthy42FBaltimore, MD1:14:2111:5830th6th F 40-44
92.Jane Pearce54FAlexandria, VA1:16:4312:2131st4th F 50-54
93.Janet Huber54FStrasburg, VA1:17:3412:2932nd5th F 50-54
94.David Pearce55MAlexandria, VA1:17:3512:2962nd5th M 55-59
95.Colleen Snyder51FLinden, VA1:25:2313:4433rd6th F 50-54
96.Jelise Ballon30FCross Junction, VA1:28:0314:1034th3rd F 30-34
97.Bob Atkins82MWinchester, VA1:31:4614:4663rd2nd M 70+
98.Elizabeth Reardon13FBrowntown, VA1:34:3715:1435th2nd F 19 & U.
99.Dixie Engelhaupt70FBrowntown, VA1:58:2219:0336th1st F 70+

Untimed walkers (started early)
name age sex city, state time
Ana Stack54FAlexandria, VAn/a
Gina Wolford51FBrowntown, VAn/a
Gale Moore49FWoodbridge, VAn/a

Ran the course in the afternoon
name age sex city, state time
Allan Morris58MZuni, VAn/a

Ninth Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 27 October 2007
Overall Results    Awards & Age Groups    Race Report

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