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First Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 23 October 1999
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1999 Race Report
  Greasy-Gooney 10K founder and race director Patrick Farris
Patrick Farris, creator of Greasy-Gooney!
"Befitting the mountainous terrain," said race director Patrick Farris, "I will start the race with a ceremonial yodel." Forty-two runners stood at the ready, waiting for the impressive sound that was sure to be emitted by Farris' undoubtedly prodigious lungs. But what followed was a meek "yo-de-lay-hee-hoo", leaving forty-two runners wondering for a brief moment if the race was now under way.

Thus began the first annual Greasy-Gooney 10K.

It was a beautiful fall morning in Browntown, Virginia, a small community tucked into the foothills of the Blue Ridge in southern Warren County. Participants came from as far as Baltimore, Maryland, to enjoy the foliage and scenery and to challenge themselves on the toughest area
Men's winner Frank Curiel
Men's winner Frank Curiel
10K course this side of April's Fodderstack 10K. Temperatures were cool and comfortable, and the runners were faced with only light winds as they made their way around the Gooney Manor Loop.

Frank Curiel, 33, of North Beach, Maryland, went unchallenged as the men's winner, much as he did at the OctoberFast 5 Miler two weeks earlier. Curiel finished in 34:47, a minute forty-one seconds ahead of runner-up Mark Vann of Winchester. Vann, also 33, had the cocky phrase "Lead Vehicle" written on his bare back. Stephens City's Patrick Gladden, 19, was third in 38:10. Even Curiel found the seemingly endless
Men's runner-up Mark Vann
Mark Vann, from behind
third mile to be tough, covering it in 6:40. He ran the next mile, as he began the descent down the Gooney Run valley, in 5:04. Word on the street is that Curiel may be moving out to the Shenandoah Valley sometime in the near future, and if that is the case, clearly he will be a force with which to be reckoned.

There was some post-race confusion about the women's winners. Krista Farris, wife of the race director and winner of last year's SVR Winter Series, was originally recognized as the first woman overall. After a clerical error was discovered, another woman was credited with the victory. However, thanks to
Women's winner Krista Farris
Women's winner Krista Farris
the recollections of Warren County High School boys cross-country coach Denny Myers and the videotaping of Jerry Anderson, it was learned that Farris had in fact been the winner, finishing in 47:29. Her trophy and free Christmas tree coupon were restored to her the day after the race. Winchester's Vicky Krossman, 30, placed second in 48:40, followed closely by Judy Gilbert of Baltimore. Gilbert's 48:50 performance was particularly impressive for a 56-year-old!

Proceeds from the race benefitted the Warren County High School cross-country team, and three members of the boys team participated in the race. Brian Napier, 16, was tops among the Wildcats, finishing eleventh overall in 44:39. Sean Rankin, 15, was next in 45:14, and Kelly Brown, 16, crossed the line in 1:03:56. The "excessively nice" Brown also served as a volunteer before and after the race. The girls cross-country team helped out as well, making the medals that were given to the second and third place finishers in each age group.

  Karsten Brown sporting pigtails, a tie, and floral print tights   Kim Weisgerber in overalls
  Karsten Brown, awkwardly dressed; Kim Weisgerber in overalls
Hands-down winner in the "Most Awkward Race Attire" category was local eccentric Karsten Brown, 25, who wore a black and grey striped dress shirt, a grey tie, floral-print tights by Jesterwear, and pigtails. "The question was not if Karsten would win," said race director Farris. "The real question was: by how much." Brown won a very large pumpkin for his efforts. Runner-up in this category would have to have been Kim Weisgerber, who wore bib overalls during the race as a not-so-subtle jab at Mark Vann. Vann had been defeated at the Apple Trample 5K a week earlier by a young man wearing overalls.

Numerous random prizes were handed out following the race. Extra-special thanks to Tom Lacombe, owner of O.J. Rudacille's General Store in Browntown, for donating many prizes and for opening up the Browntown Community Center for use of the runners. More thanks to the Browntown Baptist Church for allowing us to park in their parking lot; to the Warren County High School cross-country teams for their assistance and support; to Neal and Ruth Riemenschneider for the recycled trophies; and to Denny Myers, Tom Sullivan, Mrs. Jardine, Mrs. Rankin, the Warren County High girls cross-country coach, and a couple of other volunteers whose names continue to elude us.

And of course, let us praise first-time race director Patrick Farris, who came up with the idea for this race on one of his afternoon drives through scenic Warren County. Farris hopes that the Greasy-Gooney 10K will return in 2000, possibly on the 28th of October. Let's hope he works on his yodeling before then!

Race director Patrick Farris presents Denny Myers with an award
Patrick Farris gives Denny Myers a medal
  The end of the awards ceremony
The end of the awards ceremony in Browntown (click image for larger view)
  Judy Masi shows off her trophy
Judy Masi shows off her trophy

First Annual Greasy-Gooney 10K, Saturday 23 October 1999
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